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Sex toys and other accessories

What you will need for your camgirl job?
If you decide to start a career as a camgirl, your first question might be, “what accessories do I need, which sex toys are the most popular with guests?”

Suitable toys

When choosing your accessories, it is important to use only the ones that you would enjoy otherwise in your private life. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, then your broadcast will be lifeless, and you will soon be in trouble because men will notice very quickly that you don’t like doing what you are doing.

Let bright colours shine! Black and nude are things of the past and they won’t make you very popular. Your toys should be soft, smooth and easy to clean. As for quality, more expensive toys of course will last longer, and the materials used for manufacturing them also make a difference. It may sound like a great idea at the beginning to buy cheap Chinese toys, however, we don’t recommend this, because it is simply impossible to know what materials and contamination they may contain.
Your body is an investment and your asset, you simply cannot afford to hurt or harm yourself, so, in the case of sex toys, it is really important to know what they are made of. Similarly, if you don’t know exactly what your lunch is made of, you don’t eat it, right?
Your toys should be easy to use, if you take too long figuring them out, your guests will disappear.

Traditional dildos and vibrators are still the most popular, but of course they come in all kinds of colours, shapes and sizes. Don’t forget our advice: choose the ones you are satisfied and happy to use yourself. So, we don’t really want to make specific recommendations, because only you know what is pleasurable for you, and there is nothing more wonderful than sharing this passion and enjoyment with your visitors.

Cleaning your sex toys

Take your time to choose the right detergents for your sex toys, which are especially made to keep your items clean but also smooth and unhurt. Check carefully that the ingredients are not harmful to your health. No matter how thoroughly you rinse with hot water, traces of detergents may always remain on the surface. Usually shops that sell the right kinds of toys sell suitable cleaning materials as well.


Keep in mind that lubricants will make it easier to use your sex toys. Not all camgirls feel hot all day and night, so you will certainly need lubricants as well at some point. Just as for toys and detergents, take care to choose lubricants of high quality and safe ingredients.

Live dildo show

It is now technically possible for your visitor to control your vibrator by remote. This is a special kind of tool that you can attach to your laptop or computer via USB cable. Your visitor has access to controlling it live during the chat. This is a very popular option with users, and a steady source of income if you decide to offer this option.

  • Can I be a camgirl?

    Can I be a camgirl?

    Can I be a camgirl?
    You have surely asked yourself before, do I have what it takes to do this job? Am I suitable? What about my age, appearance, nationality and the like? You may think that all camgirls look like models: young, thin, sexy, erotic. If you think too much and keep doubting yourself, it is the fastest way to destroy your own career. Believe it or not, our guests are interested in girls of..
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