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Before you turn on the camera

Practise your poses! Tips and tricks before you get into action.

The first impression is crucial, just as in real life first dates in a cafeteria. The first few glances will decide if there is mutual attraction or not. Many camgirls just stare at the camera with a bored look on their face or play around with their mobile phones instead of greeting visitors with a cheerful “hello darling”. If the visitor immediately loses interest hearing a bored greeting and then silence, it is just as disturbing as a pushy girl who looks like she is only eager to earn money. But what are you waiting for? You can’t always expect the guest to come up with his wishes and take the first step. Flirting or playing hard to get is all right, but if you would like to make money, you need to take the first steps and open up, This is the only way to become successful in this job.

It’s not quite the same job, but telemarketers are always told to smile when they are on call, even if the person they are speaking to cannot even see them. But the main idea is the same: smile! A smile will change your face and even your voice. You will notice that if you are smiling even when you just simply say “hello” it will light up the room.

Smile and giggle during your broadcast. No, we don’t mean that you need to plaster a huge fake grin on your face. As soon as someone enters your chatroom, greet him with a fleeting smile, ask him what he is doing, what he is dreaming about. Take the initiative and sit or move in a seductive position. It is the way to set the mood, and also gain valuable extra minutes on your clock. Be funny and light-hearted. If you happen to be in a bad mood, just take a break from broadcasting, take some time out and relax - much better than ruining someone else’s day too with your bad mood.

Keep in mind that as a camgirl you are selling a dream: this is your merchandise. Visitors are interested in seeing a pretty, attractive, friendly face, rather than a dull, bored look. Eventually, of course they want one thing, but they would also like to enjoy the journey taking them there, not just reaching climax with a robot after pushing a few buttons.

Besides a sexy expression and friendly greeting, of course your outfit is also part of the first impression. Your tracksuit is surely comfortable but it’s absolutely forbidden for the camera. Take special care to prepare your appearance, be attractive and seductive. Makeup can do miracles if you are tired from work or partying. Your hair should be neat and shiny - you wouldn’t show up to a real life date with greasy hair either, would you?

  • Your camgirl workplace

    Your camgirl workplace

    Your camgirl workplace
    How to make the ideal environment? As you are working from the comfort of your own home, you have the chance to make the perfect workplace for yourself. Be careful when you choose the location in your home. It is important that you feel relaxed in this place, and everything you need is available right there on the spot. What do we mean exactly? Your bed needs to be comfortable so you don’t get hurt in a sitting or lying position.
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